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About Me

Let’s start off with my journey first before we get into yours

For me, being told I was adopted was a difficult thing to process while going through puberty and adolescence. Not seeing myself as part of the family unit but completely separate, caused many emotional battles and scars. I struggled with self–esteem and identity development issues, depression, ADD, ADHD, PTSS, feelings of abandonment, of not being good enough and a whole lot more.

I repressed and compartmentalized what I did not want to face. I hoped and prayed the memories from my past would one day just disappear on their own, and that the fears that came along with them would also dissipate, but that never happened.

It was in my early 20s that I eventually came to the realisation that if I wanted to heal, I would have to completely change my mindset and outlook on life. I would have to start working with me internally, a very scary thought and not just on the physical body as most of us do. This sounds easier than it is but it is possible.

I went through highs and lows and then got so tired of the inconsistent results from the socially accepted normal processes of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, shrinks and religion.

Still thinking and believing it was me that was the problem, I became quite desperate. So much so that thoughts of not wanting to be around would make everyone's life around me far easier because I was out of control and just causing disruptions wherever I went.


I thankfully grew up with an unconditional loving liberal mother. She was super supportive throughout my rebellious years...definitely not supportive of the rebellion but of the feelings and emotions she could see I was struggling with.

She suggested I try an alternative means to find the peace and happiness I was searching for and that I try seeing a holistic practitioner and go for a healing.

Anything strange and different had always intrigued me, so I was open to this idea and decided to go, after all I had nothing to lose. I was completely surprised during the session, this healing modality resonated with me internally,...its hard to explain unless you have had a similar experience ..The closest I can get to an explanation is that it felt as "if I was finally coming home." - a sigh of relief!!

The wonderful thing about this practitioner and the session was that I was made to feel normal and that the feelings and emotions were completely warranted and justified within my own unique makeup and that the problem was not me. It wasn't about fixing me like the medication and shrinks had been, but more the understanding and practice of letting go, finding the hurt and trauma deep within, feeling it reliving the emotions and then being able to just, let, go.


I walked away from this space having felt significant shifts within my body. Something I hadn't experienced before , I felt lighter and strangely unburdened. It was an absolute profound, mind altering and life changing experience for me.

Somehow I came away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body and the stresses / emotions that I had carried with me for so many years.

I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I received clarity and insight about my life path. The realisation that we don’t have to be the way we are. That all the sorrow, and pain, and grief, and fear that we all know, is not necessary. That it can be eliminated and that new ways of being can be cultivated with a few changes mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and by incorporating a holistic, more peaceful , more gentler way of being.


This is when my internal healing journey truly started and my life path to becoming a wellness therapist began. 

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Image by Sean Stratton
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Image by Samuel Austin
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My Philosophy

My Wellness philosophy is that we work to heal the body and mind from the inside out.

It is about being in the moment and being in touch with the here and now and not letting the mind drift into the past or future.

One needs to remember that to connect the mind and body is a lifelong behaviour modification. Short term versions “quick fixes” don't work, they just create imbalance.

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